Gaming Samurai

Gaming Samurai Group - About Us

So who and what is the Gaming Samurai Group? Well we are not a clan or a guild in the usual sense.

We are a world group of gamers spanning the globe. Our members coem from anywhere between Alaska and Australia, including North America, South America, Sweden, UK, Bulgaria and more. We like to work together and thrive on fair competition but also enjoying just having fun in a game and with never a dull moment on our TS3 server there is always fun to be had. We did away with Leaders and recognize those who are Primary Organizers of our various divisions.

We are honest and caring. You wont catch us cheating, glitching or abusing bugs and being useless, jerks or mean to new players. We believe in a gaming community with standards and ethics. We offer constructive criticism with kindness and good intentions, but we don't take any flak and we now when to stand up for ourselves and one another. We realize that not everybody can always get along, but we do our best to show respect and remain well tempered.


About the Gaming Samurai Group Organizers:

 aka ZeusGS, GSZeus
 ZeusPB, PBZeus,

Gaming Samurai Group, Primary Organizer

I've been gaming since Pong was new. I'm a total geek, love to write code and game. I'm on the West Coast, Pacific Time, and can sometimes be a night-owl. I'm currently focused on Beta Testing SWTOR and Hedone, although I will take a break once in awhile to play Civilization V, Project Blackout, Team Fortress2 or some other game. Yes, it's true, I like my shooters.

Catch me on TeamSpeak and as always,
Good Gaming Everyone!

 aka Dru, DruTheJackal

Counter Strike Division, Primary Organizer

HI! I'M Dru!  Been playing shooter games since I was 7 years old.  I'm pretty easy to get along with, but when its time to open a can of whoop ass, I will if needed.  I LOVE playing games and am on every day of the week.  If you have any questions, or need help, feel free to ask, and I'll try to help as much as I can.  So! LOCK-N-LOAD!

 aka Cable2070

Section 8: Prejudice Division, Primary Organizer

Cable hasn't given us any info for this area, but you might be able to harass him about his GSG member website.


 aka the Kwatinator

Global Agenda Division, Primary Organizer

Kwatie is currently organizing the Global Agenda division and he's from Australia and... well, he has a website.


 aka AcidBurn,

Global Agenda Division, Secondary Organizer

Hey everyone. My name is Tony if you couldn't already tell by my name! Been playing Global Agenda for about a month now, but I have been gaming on my computer for as long as I can remember. I'm a really helpful guy and I'm always here if you need advice. My Steam ID is kidsmeal92 if you need me when im not on the TS3 server. Hope to see you in Gaming Samurai!

 aka DustyDragon,

Gaming Samurai Group, Secondary Organizer

DustyDragon, who hails from the UK, is a core member of the Gaming Samurai Group and will soon be organizing a few of our newer divisions. He also has a member website.