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Samurai Games and Reviews

Samurai Sam
A really fun 2D side scroll, F2P (Free to Play) platformer Samurai Game played in your browser. Samurai Sam can attack, jump and block with the best of them. Gauranteed to provide hours of Samurai Gaming entertainment!

Straw Hat Samurai
This is an interesting Samurai Game (F2P - Free to play) in your web browser using Flash. A mix of side scroll and strategy. Difficult to describe but easy to play. I can only recommend that if you like Samurai Games, you absolutely must try it for yourself!

Samurai Warrior
A curious little Samurai Fighting Game. It reminds me a bit of the old Kung Fu Master arcade game. Ahhh yes, brings back memories of simple arcade games and pinball at the pizza place!

Samurai MMORPG
I haven't tried this one out yet, to be honest. Might be great! Let me know what you think when you give it a try.

Samurai Game Listings
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