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Here is our showcase of media submitted by our members. You will find screenshots, videos and custom artwork here. Enjoy!

Gaming Samurai Artwork

Wallpapers by Offset

Gaming Samurai Wallpaper 1
Gaming Samurai Wallpaper 2
Gaming Samurai Wallpaper 3
Gaming Samurai Wallpaper 4
Gaming Samurai Wallpaper 5

Wallpaper by Zeus

Global Agenda

Dru Submitted these videos of us in Global Agenda. We like to have a little fun now and again ;) Anyone remember the leapfrog race around Dome City? I'm thinking it should become a regular event! Thanks again Dru, for capturing these moments below.

Here is a video provided by kqedequalsvolvo of he and Liex running a Flawless Max Security. Enjoy!

Project Blackout

We haven't played this one in awhile, but we used to really enjoy Project Blackout.


Here's a throwback to the game Parabellum where Zeus and MrFrosty first met, along with the likes of Manimal and Cable.

Mr Frosty (aka Censored) in a Fist Fight

Mr Frosty Rocks a Campaign Game.

Other PC Games

Mr Frosty in a game of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Audio tracks

I've been working on some audio tracks for adding to videos since there is so much problem with copyright these days. Enjoy these tracks, right click the download link and "Save As" to get a copy. Tracks were made at buttonbeats.

The Diggz Part 1


The Take - Preperations